Farm to Fashion Day teaches cultural heritage

ABINGDON, Va. - Alpacas were grazing the land at Heartwood in Abingdon Saturday in celebration of "Farm to Fashion" Day.

The event showed children how fibers come from animals and are turned into clothing.

There were demonstrations on weaving techniques, and some kids even got a chance to pet the alpacas.

Organizer Debra McCown says the activities have deep roots in southwest Virginia.

"A lot of these kids, whether they know it or not, their parents or their grandparents, have knowledge of a lot of these traditional crafts; so we've just giving them a little taste of kind of where their clothing comes from, and how to make some of the things that have been made in this area for a very long time," McCown said.

Kids also had the chance to color Easter egg drawings and weave bracelets.

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