Family fun day at Emory & Henry College

EMORY, Va. - Families were out and about in Washington County on Saturday.

They were heading on over to Emory & Henry for the 25th Annual Family Fun Day celebration.

The day featured live music, fun inflatables, and even snakes.

Several groups were on hand today for the event including the Washington County Sheriff's Department, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Virginia Department of Health.

Coordinator Michael Gess says this is an opportunity for citizens to learn about the resources available to them.

"It kind of started out as a grassroots, let's get families as much as support as they can within Washington County. That's kind of progressed into the event that we have today and what it is, the ideal is to show as much support services as we can to the people of Washington County," Gess added.

He said the goal was to get at least 350 residents out to the celebration.

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