Eye care at RAM second most requested service

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Something we all take for granted is our sight. If you can't see, driving, reading, even working can be difficult.

But doctors and volunteers are trying to change that for hundreds this weekend at Remote Area Medical clinic giving eye care for free to those without insurance.

Denise Cicchini and her daughters sat bundled up, prepared for a long wait to see an eye doctor Saturday. "We have a large family, there are eight of us in our family and it's not real cheap to go get glasses for everybody," she said.

Vision or eye care is the second most requested service out here on the infield at Bristol Motor Speedway.

It's essentially a one-stop-shop, patients first receive routine eye exams. "We see a lot of diabetics and they have to have their eyes looked at once a year to make sure their retinas look good and they're not developing cataracts," said Doctor William McMillin.

Once there's a prescription glasses are made. In fact this Friday we learned a total of 253 glasses went home with patients for free.

But Doctor McMillin says care doesn't always end this weekend, "If somebody has a problem and needs assistance, there are a lot of local doctors we can refer them to."

Regina Armes didn't plan on having her two daughter's eyes checked this weekend. But all three are going home with a new set of glasses which Armes says will help her budget, "To know they [doctors] were able to find my daughters needed stronger glasses. I didn't even have to ask them to do it."

Remote Area Medical clinic wraps up Sunday. Numbers are given out beginning at 3:30 AM and the clinic opens at 6 AM.

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