Entrance changes at this year's Speedway In Lights

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Bristol Motor Speedway will soon be twinkling with millions of lights, in about two weeks cars will begin touring the annual Speedway In Lights show.

Crews are still setting up the light exhibits and we've learned there are new showcases this year.

But there are some changes, Bristol Motor Speedway has moved the entrance from Volunteer Parkway to Highway 394.

News 5 learned it's to keep everyone safer and traffic flowing. "The route obviously is going to be altered whenever we do that. You'll come off of 394 and you're going to go to the Dragway first, and then you'll go around make your way down into the circle track," said General Manager Jerry Caldwell.

Skaters can also enjoy the ice rink when it opens November 15. For more information on the new route visit and click on their schedule of events.

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