Enthusiasts react to gun control speech

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - On Wednesday President Barack Obama announced proposals aimed at curbing gun violence.

He's taking 23 separate actions on his own using his presidential powers, but President Obama says it's up to Congress to "make a real and lasting difference" by imposing new gun restrictions.

His proposals include universal background checks and bans on military-style assault rifles. He acknowledges there will be a tough fight ahead to get those measures approved.

We talked to workers at a gun store after the speech to get their reaction. Mike Lewis works at Shooters Edge in Johnson City. "It's been mass panic, people buying ammo, guns, not knowing what this administration is going to do," he told us.

The proposals announced Wednesoday were compiled by a task force led by Joe Biden that was put together after the Connecticut school shooting.

They also include giving schools more resource officers and school counselors, as well as helping young people get the mental health treatment they need.

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