Doctors say to be proactive for allergy season

Doctors say to be proactive for allergy season

BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. - Spring is in the air and now the pollen is in your sinuses -- allergy season is in full force and if you aren't suffering from it yet, you could be soon.

Many in this area suffer every year with allergies. "Itchy red eyes, sneezing, lots of stuff," said WCYB & Fox Tri-Cities sales manager Dan Howard.

He tells us he dreads this time of year. "It definitely affects working, but you just have to go on," said Howard.

"Allergy symptoms are just very bothersome. They can affect the way you think, they can cause headaches. So a lot of these can affect the way you do your job the way you function on a day-to-day basis," said Dr. Neil Wallen, allergist.

With the allergy season among us, it has dozens lined up to get relief. "We're starting to see more than we did last year with allergy symptoms," said Cleve Anderson, pharmacist with Anderson Compounding Pharmacy.

We learned the summer pollen season is from March until June and Anderson tells us he's expecting the worst. "I think this year is going to be a unique year for allergy sufferers because of the weather we're having," he said.

He says everyone should be ready. "[They should] start pre-treating themselves before pollen gets out. It's already out, but they could take an antihistamine," said Anderson.

Dr. Neil Wallen says any over-the-counter drug will do. "Some of the good over the counter medicines include Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra," he said.

Anderson tells us another option is a nasal rinse, which will help relieve you of nasal congestion. "It's going to give you some relief, some temporary relief and to get some of that pollen out of your sinuses so it doesn't sit there and maybe turn into a sinus infection," said Anderson.

However, it won't completely fix the problem. We learned you could actually get prescription for the nasal rinses put inside of the bottle, so you can fix the problem while getting some relief.

Howard tells me us will take his chances and hopes to go without medication as long as possible. "When it gets bad, I will go get something," said Howard.

Wallen told us if you have high blood pressure, you would want to avoid pseudoephedrine, because it will elevate your blood pressure.

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