Do hotels and motels require carbon monoxide detectors?

Do hotels and motels require carbon monoxide detectors?

With so many people leaving for their summer vacations, we wanted to know if hotels and motels are required to have carbon monoxide detectors.

Bristol Tennessee's Assistant Fire Chief Jack Spurgeon says most hotels and motels do not have carbon monoxide detectors simply because they're not required to.

But Spurgeon says changes could soon be coming.

Bristol, Tennessee follows the 2012 International Fire Code. There's a new section in the code about carbon monoxide detectors; it says buildings that are ready exiting can be required to add carbon monoxide detectors. This includes hotels and motels that have fuel-burning appliances.

That means Bristol, Tennessee fire inspectors could require hotel and motel owners to add the detectors. "Basically we have to go out and evaluate how they go out and provide their service when we talk about fuel-burning services," adds Spurgeon.

Fuel-burning appliances can be anything fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, but a car can also be a source of carbon monoxide.

"You're probably going to at some modifications a across the country when it comes to the way that they provide service and they protect their residents," says Spurgeon.

Until then, Spurgeon says it's always an option to bring your own carbon monoxide detector when you travel. "It can't hurt because you're actually looking out for the safety of you and your family," he explained.

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