Crews say there is plenty of road salt for winter weather

Winter salt supply

The winter salt supply is plentiful this year, with crews ready and waiting for this next round of winter weather.

Virginia Department of Transportation trucks picked up their salt off of Exit 22 in Washington County on Tuesday morning.

There are about 6,400 tons of salt and gravel -- that's enough for several rounds of snow. "We may use 1,000 tons, I would think, at the most, so we would be in good shape," says Randy Felty.

Across state lines in Tennessee, we're told there is plenty of salt there, too

We're told the winter weather conditions are allowing the salt to do its job. The temperatures aren't too cold and a lack of rain before the snow helps keep the salt on the roads.

Both TDOT and VDOT say all things considered, they're in pretty good shape to handle the next round of Mother Nature.

Here are some facts about the amount of money spent to clear winter roads: This season VDOT has a statewide snow-removal budget of $157 million. Last year the state budgeted $149 million and used $142 million.

In Tennessee, TDOT budgeted $ 19.75 million dollars for state-wide use. Last year, TDOT budgeted $19.75 million dollars and spent about $29 million state-wide.

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