Congressman Phil Roe announces re-election

TENNESSEE - Iraq was on the mind of Tennessee's three term incumbent First District Congressman today as he announced he'll be seeking re-election.

Congressman Roe  says he will be running for a fourth term.

Roe says he is running again in order to continue his passion for helping the people of the first district.

He says is re-elected, his main areas of concentration will be more jobs, helping veterans, and those on social security get the benefits they've earned and lower energy costs.

Roe says America's involvement in the escalating tensions in Iraq will be eased if the United States can become more energy self-sufficient and pump more of it's own crude oil.

"If you're making ten dollars an hour that puts you at very much risk you can't take care of your family you can barely pay to go to work," said Roe. "That's why we have to lower energy prices and not be beholding. Look what's happening in the middle east today, it's blowing up and we need to make sure that we can provide that energy in this country."

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