Cold weather has different impacts across the Tri-Cities

Spring has sprung, but step outside and it still feels like winter!
"March is supposed to go in like a lion and out like a lamb, but I think it's going to go out roaring," says Capatin Irvin with the Salvation Army.
News 5 stopped by the Salvation Army in Bristol, Tennessee and learned, Wednesday night, they housed 116 people in the Tri-Cities due to cold temperatures.
Captain Irvin tells us they are always prepared to bring people in from the cold.
"We keep ourselves at a state of readiness to respond to changing situations. Weather, natural disasters, or whatever it might be."

Just up the road at Abingdon Winery, the cold is a good thing for owner Bob Carlson.
"We're sort of happy to have it cool like it is, because last year we had very warm weather if you can remember, and because of that, we had sprouts on the vines by April 1st. And then, we had a frost April 15th. Last year we only had 19% of the crop that we normally get," says Carlson.

But, over a Lowe's on exit 7 in Bristol, Virginia they are more than ready for warm temperatures.
"Everyone's getting their yards prepared. We've been selling a lot of grass seed and a lot of straw and it's still a little bit chilly, but you can tell people are ready to get out there and do some projects," says Assistant Manager, Candy Knepper.

However, there is one item that isn't flying off the shelves just yet.
"We are having to cover up our plants at night when it gets below 32 to give a little bit of added protection to make sure everything's okay."
Knepper just has one thing to say to mother nature.
"We're just excited here and ready to roll, so let's bring on the warm temperatures."


     Captain Irvin with the Salvation Army is asking for blanket donations, for the homeless who choose not to stay in a shelter for cold nights.
 He says you can drop them off at any of the home offices.

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