Cold weather could cause problems with heat pumps and pipes

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Colder temperatures are setting in across the Tri-Cities and that could cause problems.

Kingsport Heating and Cooling is one of many businesses that stay busy during the cold winter months and service technicians like David Cox are busy repairing heat pumps because the pumps working overtime and sometimes freeze up, "When these units are under heavy loads or stress if can cause fuses, compositors things like that to break."

Cox tells us one thing people like to do it cut off heat to one room or turn it down all together when they leave their home but that only causes the units to work harder, "If that room is leaking cold air or anything like that, the unit still going to stuck it back to the return and it's still going to push it through its coils and therefore is going to make your compressor and unit to work harder."

Cox also says to keep a close eye on your heat pump because a little ice on it is okay, but if it builds up it could cause major problems, "Just make sure it doesn't build up and frost over the top and look like a snowman.

These cold temperatures could also cause your pipes to freeze and burst, that's why Jim Albright with Albright Plumbing and Ditching says when temperatures reach the single digits to keep a pencil size stream of water running, "It keeps the wind off of it anywhere that the air can get to a pipe it will freeze."

Outside Albright says to remove the water hose from the spigot and put something over your meter outside your home, "Have insulation or some old clothes or something in the box to keep the air off."

Both men tell us to just take extra steps to make sure everything is running smoothly before it starts freezing and take these steps of precaution and your home should be ready to battle the cold.

Cox also recommends changing the air filters in your home and to make sure furniture isn't covering any of the vents because that will prevent the heat from reaching the whole room.

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