Cold preparations for your car

Cold preparations for your car

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Just like you, your vehicle does not want to get started on a zero-degree morning.

But if you take a few precautions and do a little maintenance, cold or not it will have a better chance of cranking.

The garage at Bristol's Quick Lane is relatively quite on Monday, but with temperatures dipping below zero, business will pick up. "Any time temperatures drop, you see problems occur that usually wouldn't occur. Noises that occur that normally weren't there before, they're beginning to show up now," manager Cody Kykes says.

If your vehicle spends the night outside, that smooth-flowing oil in your engine become the consistency of molasses, and it takes more power to crank it.

And remember, each vehicle has its own style and type of battery. "That's the reason you really want to make sure the group size and the right cold-cranking amps are in your vehicle," he said. There's a reason those numbers are on your batteries -- one at above freezing and the other below zero.

"Coolant, that's a big one. A lot of people skip that and they think, 'I'll just top it off with some water in summer.' That's fine to a point, but in winter you lose that 50-50 mixture," Dkyes tells us, referring to the mixture of antifreeze and water.

When it comes to your windshield, don't dilute washer fluid either, or it could freeze. "Your washing fluid, if you don't have enough freeze protection in there it will freeze, expand, and crack the reservoir," Dykes said."

Remember to check your tires too. "The air pressure drops in the tires. The low tire light comes on. There can be a nail in your tire or it may be just the cold air," Dykes said.

Just remember that everything reacts to below zero weather, whether it's human or machine.

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