Clearing roads, parking lots after heavy snowfall

Digging out after snow

This isn't the biggest blizzard we've ever had, but heavy snow piles stand just about everywhere you look.

That has workers aiming to make roads and parking lots useable.

Small trucks, dump trucks, miniature bulldozers, even a John Deere tractor -- our crews found all of them hustling to clear as much snow as possible between waves of the massive storm Thursday morning.

Tennessee and Virginia had crews out treating roads, while private contractors were handling businesses. Don's Landscaping in Bristol, Tennessee tells us they had three plows to help with the snow.

Tony Woods was driving one of those plows and staying plenty busy. "We've gone through probably about 80 bags [of salt] so far," he told us.

Woods said he'd cleared five parking lots since Wednesday afternoon. "It can get boring sometimes, especially if its snowing really hard. You have to just kind of wait. You can put salt down, but you have to wait on it to work and go through it again," he explained.

A few miles down the road, Jackie Shankle was busy clearing the Food City parking lot. He'd been outside for at least 18 hours. "I've got my truck sitting [nearby]," he said. "I'll work a few hours and then sit in it to warm up."

Shankle knows he's fighting a bit of a losing battle as long as the snow falls. "It's very frustrating. It seems like you're doing it for nothing. You start 'here' and by the time you get 'down there', you've got to come back and start all over," he said.

Shankle says doesn't mind, though. "I enjoy it," he laughed. "It's fun!"

Crews we talked to say clearing each parking lot can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

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