Business booms for tow trucks after winter storm

Business booms for tow trucks after winter storm

BRISTOL, Va. - Wednesday is the day of winter weather recovery.

James Smith tells News 5 his son's truck slid down a hill near his home Tuesday, and it's been there ever since. "We tried for awhile to get it out, but we just decided that we were going to wait until the snow went away and get a wrecker to get it out," he said.

Wreckers came to the rescue all day Wednesday. News 5 rode along with Exit 7 Towing manager Jason Sullivan as he waded through the slushy and snowy Bristol roads. "It's been wild. It's one call after another, after another," said Sullivan.

Sullivan tells us he's saved more 25 stranded drivers between Tuesday and Wednesday evening. "Anything from winch-outs, to jump starts, to people locking their keys up, cars breaking's just a little bit of everything," said Sullivan.

Wile it's been an extremely busy day of detours, damages, and deliveries, Sullivan tells us a bad weather day often leads to a good business for the towing industry -- he says Exit 7 Towing will see a 20 to 30 percent increase in business in the days following the winter storm.

While it's a boom for business, the weather has proven to be an unexpected bust for customers. "I believe they got a little more than they expected, because I had heard about an inch. I think when it was over we had about 3 or 4 [inches] here. It just caught everybody by surprise," said smith.

Exit 7 Towing tells us if you need help with your vehicle, do your best to describe the condition and terrain in the area when you call a wrecker. This will help them in deciding what equipment they need to get your vehicle out safely.

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