Bristol Officers of the Year named

Bristol, Va. - The Bristol Optimist Club held their annual recognition luncheon Thursday as they identified two special police officers from each side of the city.

Each department makes their nomination for an officer that they consider their officer of the year.

Bristol, Tennessee recognized officer Clint Hull as their officer of the year. Bristol, Virginia named Brandon Barr as their officer of the year.

"A lot of things we do in our job we just expect it to take care of itself and go on at the end of the day. At certain times when a club or an organization gives a police officer a little bit of recognition on it it just adds to that. A little something we don't get everyday," Barr said.

"You don't do this job for the money. You don't make a lot of money at it so when you do get recognized it does make you feel real good inside that people are noticing the job that you're doing. It makes you feel like you're doing well," Hull added.

Each officer received a plaque from the Optimist Club and gift certificates for a free dinner.

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