BMS announces 'Battle at Bristol' between UT, VT

Game to be played September 10, 2016

Battle at Bristol Between UT and VT

BRISTOL, Tenn. - It's official -- the University of Tennessee and Virginia Tech football teams will meet at Bristol Motor Speedway.

In what's being called the Battle at Bristol, what could be the most-attended college football game ever will be played September 10, 2016, just two weeks after the August NASCAR race weekend.

Officials are expecting the largest crowd in college football history. The two teams have not met since the 2010 Chick-Fil-A Bowl.    

Virginia Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver says discussions about this game started 17 years ago.

During a press conference Monday morning, University of Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart said nothing tops this game and venue.

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones added he's happy to be part of football history.

Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer said he is glad to be part of something so special.

Ticket and Event Information

Who can buy tickets? When do tickets go on sale?
BMS NASCAR Season Ticket Holders & iBelong Members are guaranteed tickets for the game and may put a $40 deposit (per ticket) down on tickets immediately (see next question for breakdown of NASCAR Season ticket to deposit ratio)!  Ticket information for all other BMS customers and general public will be released by the end of the 2013 calendar year.  Fans wanting frequent updates on ticket information should visit and register to be a Battle at Bristol Insider.

How many tickets can I purchase?
BMS Season Ticket Holders and iBelong Members will be allowed to purchase three football tickets for every two BMS NASCAR season packages they hold (see below). Ticket information for other BMS customers and general public will be released by the end of the 2013 calendar year.

What seats are available?
Each school and BMS will have an inventory of tickets available. The allocation for BMS includes seating options in all areas. Exact seating locations will be determined at a later date.

How much will tickets cost?
Tickets start at $40. The average ticket price will be similar to other BMS/NASCAR events ($93).

How many seats will be available for this game?
There will be seating for approximately 150,000 spectators.

I'm an iBelong Member. Will I be able sit in my seats?
BMS iBelong Members/Season Ticket Holders (STH) are guaranteed the opportunity to purchase tickets. Due to the unique nature of the event however, seat locations likely will not be the same as they are for NASCAR events. BMS STH's will receive the best seats that we have to offer from the BMS inventory.

I have season tickets to both Bristol and UT (or VT). From which outlet should I purchase tickets?
As a season ticket holder at Bristol, you are guaranteed the opportunity to purchase tickets from BMS. The allocation and ordering process for the team tickets will be determined by each school.

Is there a waiting list for tickets?
While there is not an official waiting list, there are two ways to stay connected. If you are a season ticket holder/iBelong Member at Bristol, you may secure your opportunity (today) with a deposit of $40 per ticket (see chart above for how many tickets they can purchase). By doing so, you will be the first to know about ticket info and any other events or news about the big game! But before you do that, why don't I get your information and store it in our system (name, address, phone, email, account type Football).

Where can I park? Will there be camping available?
A comprehensive parking and camping plan is currently being developed and we hope to release information as soon as possible.

Can I bring a cooler into the stadium?
Unfortunately, no. This is a unique event and will operate in a similar fashion to other NCAA football games. While coolers will not be permitted, concessions and adult beverages will be sold within the stadium.

Will there be seats on the field level? If so, how do I get those?
There will be seating on field level. Information regarding those seats will be released at a later date. 

How many tickets does each school receive? When will they start selling?
Each school will receive an allotment of tickets similar to a bowl game. You can contact the respective ticket offices for more information 

VT: 800-828-3244

TENN: 800-332-VOLS (8651)

For more ticket and event information, click here.

BMS Fun Facts

A lap around Bristol Motor Speedway's .533-mile, high-banked oval takes about 15 seconds.

1 – Bristol Motor Speedway was commissioned around 1960 by Bristol, Tenn., businessmen Larry Carrier, Carl Moore and R.G. Pope.

2 – Bristol Motor Speedway was built on the site of a former dairy farm.

3 – After a little more than a year of construction, at a cost of more than $600,000, the original Bristol
International Speedway opened July 27, 1961 for four days of racing. DeWayne Louis "Tiny" Lund, a rather large gladiator despite his ironic moniker, was the first on the track.

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