Birthplace of Country Music Museum sign installed

Birthplace of Country Music Museum sign

BRISTOL, Va. - You won't have to answer the question, "What are they building on the corner of sixth and Cumberland in downtown Bristol?" anymore.

The sign for the Birthplace of Country Music Museum is now in place. Project managers say the museum will be completed on-time and on-budget.

The sign circling the future Birthplace of Country Music Museum proudly announces what will occupy the corner building.

There's way more behind how the design and even the lettering came about. If you look closely, it's a musical staff, and the lettering is the same as you might have found on RCA Victor recording made during the famous Bristol Sessions.

But the museum's director tells us that the museum represents more that what happened back in 1927. "This isn't just one point in history that we're celebrating in the museum. It is living music traditions that are historically significant because of the Bristol Sessions," Museum Director Jessica Turner said.

And that 'big bang of country music' is still being heard. Those notes that are part of the museum's sign actually come from a new song written by Clay Prewitt, from Big Stone Gap. He performed the song during a press conference about the sign.

It's called "Stateline" and it came about while doing some melodies with his band called These Undowners. "It kind of made us think of the city of Bristol and all the things that we've done around here. The places we've played and the people we've met. So I'm inspired by the Bristol Sessions themselves," Prewitt says.

Inside the museum things are moving smoothly and on-time and budget for an August 2014 opening.

"We're at a point now where we have our funding all in place. We have our exhibit fabricators, we have our case work fabricators on schedule. Things are moving really quickly inside the museum," Director Turner says.

But the reality is the years of work that have gone into bringing the museum to life are a lot to celebrate, much more than just a sign.

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