Bath Salt Comeback

Since we broke this story last week, the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office tells us they've made multiple arrests relating to bath salts and the new highly addictive and even more dangerous form known as "gravel."

We got a look at the highly addictive drug and found out from a former user just how popular it is.

The former addict is currently incarcerated in the Sullivan County Jail on unrelated charges.  He agreed to tell us about the new trends in bath salts if we didn't identify him.

He knows all about the new version "gravel" that deputies say has hit our area.  Gravel is a new mixture of bath salts and other drugs that's either mixed with meth or Klonopin, which is a seizure medication.

The former user, who tells us he's now clean, claims that most bath salt and gravel users are now shooting up the drug, instead of smoking or snorting it.  He says that makes it more addictive.

"Some people would smoke it and then run water through and then pull resin out of it and then inject that.  They're just mixing water with it and injecting it," says the former user.

In the past week, Sullivan County Deputies seized gravel during a traffic stop.

They've made multiple arrests this week related to bath salts, and have gotten several calls about the drug.

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