August Angels help children in need

August Angels help children in need

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn - In a few days many students in the Tri-Cities area will be returning to school with new backpacks and clothes, but there are many children who cannot afford new items.

During the Christmas season, many people are willing to help, adopting Angels on Christmas trees in the mall, and donating clothes and toys, but those children also need clothes in the summer months as well.

That is why Esther Peters and Kimberly Lawson decided to start "August Angels," a program designed to help children in need all year round.

"It was something that God just laid on our hearts," said Peters.

All donated items are given to the children and their families for free. The children are invited to attend "SMILE for JC" events, (Simple Methods In Loving Everyone for Jesus Christ) to pick out these items.

"You can see it in those kids faces, how excited they were to shop through and fill up a whole bag," said Peters.

But "SMILE for JC" is asking for the community's help. There are still many angels that need to be adopted.

Peters says they are asking for clothes donations, but also other items as well, such as toiletries, shoes, and toys. They also encourage anyone who would like to come volunteer.

Peters says that "August Angels" is not about her or Lawson, but helping to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. 

"I have so much that I owe to Him," said Peters. "This is just a start of what i feel like I can do to help."

To donate, volunteer, or adopt and angel you can visit their Facebook page, SMILE for JC:

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