Area Angel Trees still in need for Christmas

Angel Tree needs

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Area Angel Trees still have ornaments on them and the deadline for gifts is approaching.

A special delivery is being made at the Kingsport Angel Tree. Someone is going to get a brand new bike this holiday season. "We said, hey we need to do something for somebody this year, something special. We just feel like we're blessed this year and we want to pass it onto other people," say Sarah Collins and Don McMinn.

Toys and games are coming in to help local children, but hundreds in need remain.

In Kingsport 900 angels still need to be adopted. In Bristol 200 angels are left, and in Johnson City there are 150. "The response has been good, but not quite good enough. We still have angels. I've still got a stack of boys and girls that we would love to have people come and take care of," says Paul Patterson, a board member with the Kingsport Salvation Army.

The next few days the Salvation Army is making a final push to get the remaining angels adopted.

It's something Max Wilson tries to do every year. "I remember when I raised two sons by myself. I remember when they were little, it would have been nice if somebody could have done this for me," he told us.

The ages of angels and wish lists vary, but no matter what you buy organizers say you are bound to make it a Merry Christmas for some local children.

Angel Trees are up at the Kingsport Town Center Mall, Walmart and Kmart stores in Bristol, and the Mall at Johnson City.

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