Appalachian Power Phone Scam

CHARLESTON, W. Va. - Business owners in West Virginia that are customers of Appalachian Power are latest targets of phone scammers. Jeri Matheney, a spokesperson for Appalachian Power said, "Customers are receiving calls from a man who tells them that AEP no longer accepts payments by check or credit card, that their payments have been returned and that they owe $1,000 that must be paid immediately with a prepaid credit card. This is completely false. Although most of the reports we are receiving this week are in West Virginia, it is safe to assume that this type of scam also is happening in Virginia and Tennessee."

Appalachian Power has some tips if you receive such a call:

  • Confirm that you are talking to an actual representative of the company.
  • Be wary of anyone demanding immediate payment.
  • Never give information on debit cards, credit cards, your social security number, ATM, checking or savings numbers.
  • Never allow anyone claiming to be a service person into your home unless you have a scheduled appointment.

Appalachian Power also says if you receive such a call to hang up and contact them at their toll free number or call local law enforcement.

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