Red Cross asking for support

BRISTOL, Va. - When it comes to Superstorm Sandy relief, we have learned more than 3,300 volunteers nationwide have traveled to help.

However, the local American Red Cross says more help is needed. Felisha McNabb, Executive Director of the Mountain Empire Chapter of the Red Cross, says it needs more nurses and mental health specialists to volunteer.

She tells News 5 some of their most dependable volunteers started during other natural disasters. "They may have started during hurricane Katrina or we may have some that started last year from the tornadoes," said McNabb.

We have learned 32 people have volunteered from our region. McNabb says they are willing to train anyone wanting to help.

McNabb also tells us this is the most expensive disaster she has seen since she has been involved with the organization.

They are encouraging the public to refrain from donations, like water and clothing, because of difficulty and expense of getting it to those who need it.

Instead, they are requesting monetary donations to help buy items. "It is a lot more cost effective because a lot of the items we can get in bulk or greatly reduced rates," said McNabb.

If you want to donate items, the Red Cross is asking you call them ahead of time to make arrangements.

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