Recovering from the crash

BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. - The investigation continues after a deadly crash last Friday on State Street. The man believed to be responsible for the crash died...and an innocent bystander was seriously hurt.


33-year-old Michael Brabson, who says he's homeless right now, was sitting in his parked car. He says he was using the Wi-Fi on State Street. Just seconds later everything changed, right in front of his eyes.


Brabson said, "I looked up because I heard a screech. I looked up and I saw the car coming at me. He was going too fast for me to even think about moving."


Brabson was sitting in his parked van on the 600 block of State Street, when he watched another car slam into him. Police say the other driver was traveling around 75 miles per hour.


The driver of the car was William Marcella, who died in the crash.  Michael Brabson said he thought he was going to die too, "I don't know where I'd be right now. I'd probably be where the guy who hit me is right now, I'm pretty grateful."


Brabson says after the crash he couldn't get out of his car. The doors were smashed and his left leg wasn't moving, "it was the most terrifying moment I've ever gone through."


Rehab is set for Brabson to help with recovery after a broken leg, blood transfusion and multiple bruises.


"I can't wait to get that done so I can walk and carry on my daily activities again," said Brabson.

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