Reacting to denied gun bill

 A proposal to expand background checks on gun sales is defeated in the U.S. Senate. The plan failed to get the 60 votes needed to pass.


The final tally was 54-46 and many have local views on such a controversial topic.


Melissa Dean says she was disgusted, but unfortunately not surprised, "Very strong supporters for the right to bear arms and such think it is hurting their rights but it is not."


Dean thinks background checks are the only way to prevent tragedies like the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and the Colorado movie massacre from happening. Both have one common denominator-- mental illness. She believes checking for these factors will help, but not everyone agrees.


Joy Frizzell says, "They shouldn't punish everyone because there's one person that's nuts.


Some feel no matter what today's outcome there wouldn't be much change.

Matt Reimer with Shooters Edge says, "I have to do background checks anyway for whoever comes in my store and the same thing for gun shows."


Reimer says the only thing that would have been affected is private sales which he says is hard to regulate anyway.


He thinks there is already enough legislation, "There are laws on the books in place to keep the bad guys from getting guns in their hands."


One issue some people say they would like to see monitored more closely is mental illness.

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