RAM still looking for more volunteers

RAM still looking for more volunteers

BRISTOL, Tenn. - It's a big weekend for Bristol Motor Speedway, except this event has nothing to do with NASCAR -- the Remote Area Medical group is coming to the Tri-Cities on Friday and the volunteers are already working to get everything up and running.

As we walked around the infield of BMS we saw some people already hard at work, trying to get things ready in time. "Tents are going up today, tables and chairs and definitely tents for the different areas," said Helen Scott, chair of Tri-Cities RAM committee.

However, that's only the beginning. "They have tractor-trailer loads of dental equipment, they have a huge warehouse of about 75 dental chairs," said Scott.

Along with medical supplies to aid the volunteer doctors. "We think every bit of 1,500 [attendees] will get help, maybe more," said Scott.

But more will only be helped if enough volunteers show up. "It's based especially on the number of volunteer dentists that are going to be there," said Scott.

Scott tells us that as of now, an average of 25 medical professional volunteers will be there a day. "There's room for more volunteer dentists, dental assistants, optometrists, opticians but other than that, registration is closed," said Scott.

Scott told News 5 in their first year they helped 1,300 people, the second year nearly 1,500.Scott says if more volunteers come out, the numbers could increase. "We could help three times the people, so we could potentially help 3,000 people if we had 75 volunteers," said Scott.

Dr. Joseph Smiddy has volunteered his time to nearly 35 RAM events and tells us it's worth it. "It really is a great feeling and a wonderful opportunity to hear their stories and get acquainted," said Smiddy.

If you would like to know how you could help or if you would like to attend, you can call 423-573-0695 or click here.

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