Railroad marks milestone

POSTED: 7:29 AM Sep 24 2013   UPDATED: 5:46 PM Sep 24 2013
Piece of coal

Norfolk Southern is celebrating a milestone in Virginia by loading a record amount of coal into a single ocean-going vessel.          

The company says it finished loading 168,977 net tons of coal into the into the M/V Negonego from Pier 6 at Lamberts Point over the weekend.          

The coal is headed to China for use by integrated steel producers.          

The coal was shipped by Xcoal Energy and Resources in 1,592 railroad coal cars          

Most of the coal moving through Pier 6 originates in southwest Virginia, southern West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and Pennsylvania. It is shipped to dozens countries as well as to domestic receivers along the coast.          

The coal transloading facility was completed in July 1963.