Raging waters flow in Washington County, Virginia

Flooded Road

WASHINGTON CO., Va. - At least one road remains closed Thursday and may stay that way until the weekend as rushing water flows along North Fork River Road in Washington County, Virginia.

About a mile down the road is closed where the North Fork of the Holston River has overflowed its banks.

It's causing some detours for people like Tiffany Harmon who delivers mail, "I had to track my way back out Brumley Gap to Route 19 and come back this way and as far as I can come this way."

Those who live along the river say they're used to seeing the water rise and fall.

"We've been keeping an eye on it, which we also do. It's part of living on the river," says resident Jerry Davenport.

But after four-and-a-half years on the same route Harmon says this time around is different, "I haven't seen it like this."

Emergency crews have been watching the area as well. In fact they were ready to evacuate homes Wednesday night. 

"We knew that some of those homes would have been an issue. Some areas have flooded before and we knew we would literally have people stranded if they did not leave their homes prior to the water rising," says Emergency Management Director Pokey Harris.

It turns out no one needed to be evacuated and no one had to spend the night in the shelter, but people here say the river got pretty high.

Emergency crews tell us it raining about three inches in a 20-minute period Wednesday night.

"A lot of waiting, a lot of driving, just watching everything," says Brumley Gap Fire Chief Britt White.

White adds he is hopeful the water will continue to go down, but it could be Saturday morning before this road is passable once again.

The Emergency Management Team in Washington County, Virginia says they've had to activate their command center for emergencies four times in January and they're keeping a close eye on Friday morning's potential snow to decide if they'll have to activate it once again.

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