Race fan says he was hit by lightning

Warning other fans to watch the weather

Race camper struck by lightning

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Race fans are like a big family, watching out for each other. Monday morning folks around the Earhart campground were checking on Rodney Parsons.

They were concerned after a single lighting strike hit the campground; more precisely, Rodney Parson's campsite.

He tells us he doesn't believe it was a direct hit, but nearby, and the charge carried inside to him. "I just wanted out of the tent," Parsons said Monday morning. "It hurt so bad. I was numb."

He called 911 and EMS crews checked him out, but Parsons tells us he opted not to go to the hospital. "My left arm is still numb, and I have a metal taste in my mouth," he said.

Parsons told us he'd been watching the radar all night, and had only just decided the storms had calmed enough for him to got to bed.

Now he's hoping his early morning experience will be a wakeup call to fellow race fans. "If they aren't prepared, they can get hit by lightning," he said.

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