Quilts take center stage at block party

ABINGDON, Va. - There's a block party in Abingdon this week. More than 300 quilts are distributed across 30 locations in the town for the 2nd Annual Block Party.

It was an idea that started as "quilt bomb" and exploded into what it is now.

On Wednesday, we stopped by to look at the artwork in the Light's at Stone Mill location. Quilters in the area tell us these blankets represent a long line of mountain history. "The block party, I think, is great. It tells a part of our heritage, and there are so many quilts that tell a story throughout the Town of Abingdon," Mary Lou Combs said.

"The price of being able to bring something  you've worked so hard on and bring it for other town people to see it's a pleasure. It's a treasure," added Connie Waters.

For a full list of locations, you can visit the party's website:

The event will run through April 13.

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