Quick Thinking Saves Woman

Heart Attack Prevention

"It was hurting bad, so that's the reason I called EMS," says Teresa Puckett. The pain Puckett was having was in her back, but it was actually a heart attack and she knew this could be the cause of her pain.

"I'd previously had a heart attack, and even though this was totally different I decided I needed to take two adult strength aspirins and call EMS," adds Puckett.

Within in a few minutes EMS arrived at her home and hooked her up to an EKG machine and confirmed she was having a heart attack.

Doctors with the cardio cath lab at the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute agree that Puckett did all the right things.

?She did two things that were very, very smart and probably saved her life. The first one was to be able to chew some aspirin down and the other one was to call 911 rather than trying to drive herself or having her family bring her in," says Atul Trivedi, a doctor at the cardio cath lab at the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute.

"Because I was having a heart attack, I think because I went ahead and acted as quickly as I did, that helped them to act more quickly," added Puckett.

Doctors placed a new stint in one of the arteries of her heart restoring blood flow. They say any damage was kept to a minimum because Puckett called EMS early, even though she couldn't be sure she was actually having a heart attack.

?It's not a matter of crying wolf or something. It's important when you think you're having a heart attack, the most important thing to do is to be able to contact emergency services,? says Dr. Trivedi.

Now Puckett is back to her normal life, but says she hopes others will do as she did and call 911 as soon as possible if they think there's even a chance they're having a heart attack.

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