Quick action by Bristol Public Library in bedbug reports

Library battles bedbugs

BRISTOL, Va. - Public libraries are an important resource for many people in the community -- the Bristol Public Library recently faced a big problem caused by a little creature.

A library is a quiet place where you are surrounded by books. Many people go there to simply relax and get away.

The last thing you would expect is to be bitten by a bedbug. "Most libraries I find to be very clean environments so it is kind of shocking to me that [bedbugs] would be in a library," said Petra Clay.

The Bristol Public Library says someone reported a bedbug at the library last week. That has more than one person feeling a little uncomfortable. "I put bedbugs in the same category as lice. Obviously lice are a little more different because it can transfer easier, but it's just as disgusting," said Eureka O'Hara.

The library took immediate action to keep the problem from spreading. "We went ahead and got rid of that furniture and then we had the treatment done on all the cushioned seats," said library executive director Jud Barry.

So where did these bugs come from? Nobody really knows, but some people have an opinion. "You have a wide variety of people coming into the library, which could cause a bedbug outbreak at public places," said Clay.

We learned getting rid of bedbugs can be difficult. "One of the most important things to start out with is a good inspection," said Eric Roberts with Dodson Pest Control.

Roberts tells News 5 bed bugs spread rapidly because they travel on you and jump off onto other things. "They are basically the best hitchhikers out there," said Roberts.

We're told the library's fast action makes everyone feel a little better. "I think it's a positive thing that they took action so quickly to get rid of it so it won't spread further," said Clay.

Barry told us the library will have weekly inspections by the exterminator until they can be sure the problem has been eradicated.

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