Putt-putt champion calls Bristol his home

Putt-putt champion calls Bristol his home

BRISTOL, Tenn. - You don't have to travel far to find the new amateur champion of putt putt.
He lives right here in Bristol.

"It's the same old tough course it was when i was a kid, hard to beat this course."

Joey Graybeal should know, he's played the Bristol putt-putt course quite a bit since his mother took him to play when he was 14.

Graybeal said, "I played from the time i was 14 to 18. I kept playing down here, all the locals. On Monday nights she'd bring me down here and drop me off and come back and get me."

At 18 there were cars and fishing and girls and other things to occupy his time, but when he came to work at putt putt the old love of the game was still there.

He's the 2013 amateur champion and that old fun factor played a role in that.

"Down here I hadn't played well, in the tournaments. I traveled I didn't play well. I just went and had the attitude like just go out there and play putt-putt when you did when you were a kid, smack it and have fun and see what happens", said Graybeal.

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