Prom dress collection underway

BRISTOL, TN - If you have some fancy dresses in your closet that you're not planning to wear again, a local group is hoping you'll donate them to area high school girls.

The YWCA in Bristol is collecting prom dresses for their annual sale. The dresses will be collected, sorted and offered to high school girls for $25.

"We're collecting all kinds of dresses -- short dresses, long dresses, all varieties and styles. We are looking for dresses that are five years or younger, or what we would consider newer fashion eras," says Tammy Henkel.

Dresses can dropped off at the YWCA in Bristol or at any Belk store in the Tri-Cities.

The sale will take place March 6, 7 and 8 at the YWCA in Bristol. For more information visit

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