Most of the snow and ice has melted on the roads, but now road crews have to tend to another nuisance - potholes.

News 5 spoke with a local highway commissioner who says he plans for his workers to fix the problem over the next few days.

They’re potholes on nearly every road, street, and highway and Sullivan County resident Cheryl Smith tells us she's over these unpredictable bumps in the road.

"They are very annoying. I've already had to have my car aligned up once, because of hitting a pothole." Cheryl Smith, Sullivan County resident.

The Quick Lane store manager in Bristol Cody Dykes tells us Smith is not alone.

Dykes says so far this year they’ve repaired pothole damage on an average of 15 cars a week.

"Anytime you see snow on the road you get salt trucks and the plow trucks that damage the road causing pot holes. It leads to steering problems, steering suspension, blown out tires, wheels bent, a lot of alignments problems,” said Cody Dykes, auto repair store manager.

We asked Interim Sullivan County Highway Commissioner Bobby Manning what he plans do to smooth out the problem.

"We are going to do some pothole patching starting this week. The weather looks like it's going to cooperate with us and we won't have to use a cold patch, we can actually go out and by hot mix and take care of it and that will last a lot longer,” said Bobby Manning, Interim Sullivan County Highway Commissioner.

Manning says road crews could be starting patching main roads in the county as early as Tuesday.

As for Smith she hopes they start on her route sooner rather than later.

"Unless they want to pay for my car to be aligned I need the potholes filled,” said Smith.

The Interim Sullivan County Highway Commissioner tells us he plans to double the number of crews patching the roads to get the problem fixed faster.