Possible Double Homicide Being Investigated In Johnson County, Tenn.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Tenn. - Crime scene tape surrounds a house in the quiet Johnson County community of Doe Valley. "This is rare for Johnson County,? said Sheriff Mike Reece. ?Especially in this part of the county, it?s unusual."

Sheriff Reece said the inside of the house on James Davis Road is a double murder scene. He says his officers have never been called to the house before, and neither of the victims have been in trouble with the law.

Just after 10 Tuesday morning a family friend who once lived there had stopped by to pick up his mail. Once inside he made a gruesome discovery.

Bill Payne, Jr. and Billie Hayworth were both dead.

"Both died from gunshot wounds to the head that we can see and the male's throat had also been cut," said Sheriff Reece.

The couple's eight month-old baby was found in the middle of the crime scene. "The male that came in and found them said the baby was in the mother's arms," said Reece.

The baby was taken to the hospital, but Sheriff Reece says he is safe. Child Protective Services will decide who the baby will be placed with.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation was called in to help process the scene.

The sheriff told us they were trying to find a motive that would explain why someone would want to kill the couple. They have also not recovered the murder weapons.

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