Voting wraps up in Virginia

Voting wraps up in Virginia

As of 6 p.m., voters have a little less than an hour to get out to the polls. We're told there has been a steady flow of voters throughout the day.

We spoke with several voters who told us the day has been running smoothly inside the polls.

Signs filled the grass outside of polling places like Joseph Van Pelt Elementary School in Bristol, and voters tell us it's all apart of a normal election day -- something they wouldn't miss.

Kaitlin Meade is a first-time voter. "I'm just one little 18-year-old, but I can still make a difference in this country," she said.

Kevin Meade is also voting for the first time. "That individual [we vote for] represents us, and they work for us, and if you don't vote then you have no say-so in it," he said.

We learned in the last gubernatorial election in 2009, the City of Bbristol, Virginia had around 3,800 voters -- that's a turnout of about 33 percent.

Bristol's Registrar of Voters Penny Limburg says they expect around the same turnout this year. "We'll probably end up somewhere around 30 percent, about where we were in 2009," she said.

Limburg says this year they had 196 people vote absentee, which is a little lower than the election in 2009 -- that year they had 210.

Limburg tells us one positive thing about this year's event: the polls seemed to run smoothly. "We had one machine that went down, but we had a backup machine that we got up and in place within a few minutes," she said. "Other than that it's been really smooth."

Voters we spoke with said the same thing. "They're very helpful, very friendly. [They'll] show you what you need to do, show you what has to happen, so it's a good experience," said Kevin Meade.

Voters say casting their vote is important and they're happy they could make a difference in Virginia.
The polls close statewide at 7:00 p.m. Click here to get a live update of the results as they come into our newsroom.

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