Supporters react to Ryan's Bristol rally

Paul Ryan reaction

BRISTOL, Va. - He's not at the top of the ticket, but Vice President hopeful Paul Ryan put a new spark into the Romney campaign here at home in Bristol, Virginia.

Supporters we talked to told News 5 they didn't just like what they heard; they liked how they heard it.

"I very much enjoyed the way that he spoke, not in catch phrases, but he was just very plain speaking and honest about what they wanted to do for us," said Celeste Brookshire, a supporter at the rally.

"You can believe what they [Romney and Ryan] say. They don't tell lies out of both sides of their mouth. They're honest people," said supporter Roy Griffith.

But the issues hit home, too. In southwest Virginia, it wasn't surprising coal was a hot topic in Congressman Ryan's speech; but for Lisa Baughn, whose daughter is battling a brain tumor, it was a vocal plan to slash "Obamacare" that solidified her vote. "I don't want some medical panel deciding what my daughter, when we found out about this tumor at 14 [year old], deciding her facts about life," Baughn told News 5 after the rally.

As the chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan also offered insight to a crowd favorite; the economy. "Jobs. We need more jobs in our area [and] all over the United States, and they're going to get it done," added Griffith.

After Thursday's rally, these supporters are as confident as ever in their vote; sending them out with new energy with days left until they hit the polls.

"It's making me want to do more for the campaign," said Romney/Ryan campaign volunteer Lou Skeen.

"I was excited before. We were making phone calls in North Carolina last night, but I tell you what, we're going to work a little harder now," Baughn said.

While this was a smaller event than Mitt Romney's visit a few weeks ago, many told us they weren't able to make it to that rally, and this one gave them an opportunity to see a nominee up close and in person.

One person told News 5 she drove from West Virginia to make sure she got to experience this atmosphere.

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