New gun laws go into effect July 1 in Virginia

New gun laws go into effect July 1 in Virginia

Among new laws going into effect July 1 are two that impact concealed handgun permit holders and those who take part in private firearms transactions at gun shows.

After much controversy, especially in the Bristol area on state borders, Virginia will recognize all valid concealed weapon permits and licenses issued by other states.

That's music to the ears of many who hold those permits.

"I plan a trip up to Baltimore in just a few weeks from now to go see my sister and her husband again. I'll be glad I can carry my gun through the state of Virginia," said Luther Kindle, a Tennessee concealed weapon permit holder.

Also under a new law, background checks will be voluntary during gun show private purchases.

State police will be on hand to perform them on the spot, for the convenience and also to encourage the checks.

"If you happen to purchase a firearm and you have the firearm in possession and you're found that you can not have possession of it, it could lead to more serious penalties down the road," said Virginia State Trooper Allen Kelly.

Also on the books, it's a felony crime if a person under a permanent restraining order for domestic abuse is found in possession of a gun.

"If he is served a protective order then he has 24 hours. He can transport it, possess it up to that time, to a place or person where the firearm can be legally sold or transferred over to another person that can legally possess it," said Kelly.

A holder of a concealed handgun permit must be at least 21 years of age.

The permit or license holder carries a photo ID issued by a government agency of any state.

The holder must display the permit or license and identification upon demand by an officer.

The permit holder must not have had a Virginia concealed handgun permit revoked either.

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