Meet your candidate: Morgan Griffith

Meet your candidate: Morgan Griffith

ABINGDON, Va. - Time is ticking for voters to cast their ballot and the race to the White House for candidates is getting heated. In Southwest Virginia two men are vying to represent the 9th District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

News 5 sat down with both candidates, simply to introduce voters before they cast their ballot. Here's is an introduction to Republican Candidate Morgan Griffith.

Work on the campaign trail seems to have started all the way back in high school for Morgan Griffith, and his career in Virginia started years ago. "[I was] elected to Virginia House of Delegates in 1993, started serving in 1994. In 2000 my colleagues in the Virginia House elected me the first Republican majority leader," said Griffith.

For the last two years Griffith has served as Congressman for the 9th District in Southwest Virginia. On election day the Republican incumbent will square off against Democratic candidate Anthony Flaccavento.

Griffith says there's one big issue this election, jobs, and it's the same no matter where you go from Bristol, to Covington, to Martinsville. "Well what I'm going to continue to do is fight against regulations that have made it hard to conduct business, whether you're involved in coal mining," added Griffith.

Speaking of coal mining, Griffith says he hopes to continue fighting in Washington to save coal mines, those jobs, and coal communities. "We passed a number of bills out of the House last time. We'll continue to fight for reasonable regulations and reasonable time limits," he said.

In a district spanning almost 9,000 square miles, Griffith hopes voters think he's the right voice to represent the 9th District. "You've got a record of me working hard, going to the committee hearings, reading the bills, making independent decisions on those bills and fighting for jobs. Not just in coal country, but in all kinds of different places," he said.

Here's something you might not know about the 9th District -- its total land area is comparable to the entire state of New Jersey and is also home to nearly 700,000 voters.

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