Low turnout possible for Va. election

Low turnout possible for Va. election

Voters in Virginia are getting ready to vote for a new governor and several other offices.

Virginia's gubernatorial race has some people feeling unsatisfied with the two candidates, leaving some unsure if they'll vote at all. "I haven't been as enthused this time. I normally do vote, but all the controversy with the gubernatorial thing has sort of turned me off," says voter Lois Mullins.

Emory & Henry political science professor Joseph Lane says for the last gubernatorial election, voter turnout in the state was only 35 percent. "You might wonder if this is even going to be on the low side of that. Maybe even a lower turnout than we saw in 2009, somewhere around 30 percent," adds Lane.

Lane says the reason for a possible lower turnout is the negative campaigning between the two candidates, Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, and voters agree. "It turns people off. You don't hear anything positive from either candidate," says voter Russell Powers.

Lane says people who are undecided and moderate are more likely to not vote because they don't have faith in either candidate, but people strongly attached to a party will still vote. "Republicans are more animated to go to the polls, and the same thing happens in reverse when the Democrats say that about the Republican," adds Lane.

For those of you who do plan to vote, here is some advice: "Better times to come are usually mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Sometimes first time in the morning is a little hectic," says Bristol, Virginia Registrar Penny Limburg.

"Everyone ought to vote. It's a God-given right that every one of us has and we should use it," says Russell.

When you come to the polls you need some form of identification, whether it is your driver's license or your voter registration card, before you can vote.

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