Healing Hands expects increase in patients because of Affordable Care Act

BRISTOL, Tenn. - One group aimed at helping people who have jobs but no insurance is getting ready to take on more people after the Affordable Care Act.

Sarah Phillips with Healing Hands in Bristol Tennessee tells us their board just approved an expansion to help those who are under-insured.

Phillips tells News 5 they expect the number of people they see to increase because of the Affordable Care Act simply because people can't afford the new coverage. "A lot of our patients are suggesting they'll just pay the penalty, they don't care what it is, but the penalty has to be cheaper than the private insurance expenses would be for them," adds Phillips.

Phillips tells us a lot of their patients have also taken cuts in hours at work and are now part time so their employer does not have to provide insurance, which is another reason they are expecting an increase.

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