ETSU students watch presidential debate


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - Televisions all across the nation were tuned into the first of three presidential debates Wednesday night.

News 5 joined students at East Tennessee State University and what makes this watch party interesting, they were linked together with other colleges across Tennessee.

Students were texting their answers to poll questions and comparing them with other colleges.

One of the polling questions asked if there was anything a candidate could say or do to change their mind in this debate and it turned out to be a toss up.

A number of students at ETSU were watching representing both parties.

The first question asked in the presidential debate was the differences candidates had in creating new jobs.

"I think he [President Barack Obama] addressed a very important issue towards education and energy independence. I wish he had been a little bit more specific on his plan. But I can look back on his record and see where he stands on that and what he's done so far," said Zach Tuggle, with the College Democrats.

"I think he [Republican Candidate Mitt Romney] did an excellent job laying out his platform and his five specific steps to help recreate the economy that America was built on," said Gabe Hunigan, with the College Republicans.

Most students told News 5 their minds were made up on which candidate they'll be voting for this November, but they are watching each debate with an open mind.

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