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New Elizabethton City Council members sworn in

The Elizabethton City Council held a swearing in ceremony for four new members today.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam

Medicaid expansion discussions underway in TN

Medicaid expansion discussions underway in TN

Johnson City commissioners make juvenile court clerk elected office

A new elected office will be on the ballot in Johnson City in 2016.

Election results: Virginia races

Results for local and state races in Virginia.

Election results: Tennessee constitutional amendments

Tennesseans voted on four amendments to the state constitution on Tuesday.

Results: Wine in grocery stores

Several areas voted on whether wine should be allowed in their city's grocery stores on Tuesday.

Bill Haslam

Election results: Tennessee races

Results for local and state races in Tennessee.


Johnson City residents vote on charter amendment

It's Election Day, and people across the country are heading to the polls to cast ballots on many races, from the U.S. Senate to amendments for state constitutions.

Steady flow of Virginia voters at polls

Virginia polls opened at 6am Tuesday and by 10am the Virginia High School location had seen about 300 people


GOP immigration backlash

GOP backlash over Obama immigration action

President Barack Obama is out trying to sell his new immigration message, but Republicans insist he's gone too far. 

new immigration rules

Obama eases families' deportation fears

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux looks President Barack Obama's new immigration rules and how they could affect families in Las Vegas area.

Obama makes immigration deal

Obama orders sweeping immigration overhaul

President Barack Obama is ordering the most sweeping overhaul of the immigration system in decades, despite Republican claims he is acting illegally by moving unilaterally to shield five million undocumented immigrants.

Obama package on immigration

Obama announces immigration action

 In a primetime address, President Barack Obama announced his plans to issue controversial executive orders on immigration reform.

Obama makes immigration deal

President offers immigration 'deal'

President Barack Obama takes executive action to shield millions of undocumented immigrants.

Obama works on immigration speech

What will be in Obama's immigration plan?

The president plans to overhaul immigration rules, announcing some key chances in a primetime address Thursday night.

Obama immigration video

Obama to outline immigration actions

President Barack Obama says he will unveil his long-awaited immigration plan Thursday evening.

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Barack Obama

What to know about Obama's immigration initiative

President Barack Obama announced an executive action Thursday that implements major changes to the country's immigration policies. Click on to find out more about the changes.

Immigration debate

Immigration in America: A history

With the president set to unveil a major immigration plan tonight, look back at the tumultuous history of this issue in America.

Immigration protesters

States with the most undocumented immigrants

The immigration debate is heating up again. Find out which states are home to the most undocumented immigrants, according to the latest data available.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Mosul, Iraq

Who is ISIS?

Analysts tell CNN it is too early to say ISIS has "peaked," but the first signs are emerging that a combination of coalition airstrikes and more assertive Iraqi and Kurdish forces are forcing ISIS to change its behavior. Learn more about the group.

Pope Francis speaks at Copacabana

World's most powerful people

Who is the most powerful person in the world? This year's answer may surprise you.

Voters nationwide cast Election Day ballots

Voters across the country headed to the polls Tuesday to decide a slew of governor's races and, among other things, control of the U.S. Senate.

Voting election blurb

America's most political states

It's Election Day! Find out which state has the most passionate voters.

US Capitol 2

Things more hated than Congress

What's more hated than Congress in America right now? Not much, but there are a few things.


National Political Coverage

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Defense Secretary Hagel to resign

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will step down from his position, a senior administration official confirmed to CNN Monday.

Rudy Giuliani file

Giuliani: Ferguson a 'significant exception'

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says the controversy surrounding the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, does not exemplify a larger national problem.

"93 percent of blacks...

Lindsey Graham

Is the GOP presidential field growing by two?

Add two more to what's the possibly largest club in Washington: Republicans who might seek their party's 2016 nomination.

Obama prepares for immigration speech

Skit: Obama dumps 'Schoolhouse Rock' Bill

You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to reach the Capitol building in Washington, so just imagine what the tumble down is like.

Or, just ask "Schoolhouse Rock" Bill, hero of the classic animated educational segment "I'm Just a Bill" on how a bill becom...


Obama backer faces sexual abuse charges

A prominent supporter of President Barack Obama and co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign was arrested last week on charges of sodomy and sexual abuse related to what authorities said was an encounter with a juvenile male.


GOP's Sen. Graham: 'Shame on us' over immigration

A key Republican senator chastised his House GOP colleagues Sunday for failing to pass a comprehensive immigration bill.

"Shame on us as Republicans," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, told CNN's Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger on "State o...

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