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Early voting starts for Tennessee

Election Day isn't for a few more weeks but early voting starts Wednesday

Deadline here for Virginians to register to vote

Virginians can register at local voter registrar's offices, DMV offices or on the State Department of Elections website

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Prepare to vote in November general election

Prepare to vote in November general election

Voter registration deadline approaches

If you're planning on voting in the November election and haven't registered to vote, the deadline is almost here.


College campaign registers 1,000 new voters in Tennessee

More than 1,000 Tennesseans registered to vote during a month-long drive on college campuses in September.


Voter education event

Education preparing voters for November election


Haslam, Bredesen to talk judicial amendment at UT

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam and his Democratic predecessor, Phil Bredesen, are appearing at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville on Wednesday in support of a proposed constitutional amendment on the merit selection of appeals and Supreme Court judges.

Special election in Virginia changes balance of power in Richmond

Voters in Southwest Virginia have changed the balance of power in Richmond.

New US citizens in Abingdon

The United States gained nine new citizens at an event in Abingdon today. Judge James Jones presided over the swearing in ceremony.


Clinton in Arkansas Oct 19

Bill Clinton stumps for Dems in Hope

Hope's most famous son -- former President Bill Clinton -- made a quick trip back to his home town Saturday to drum up support for Arkansas’ Democratic candidates.

Ron Klain

Obama gets backlash over Ebola czar

Republicans are questioning whether the man President Barack Obama has picked as his "Ebola czar" is the right person for the job.

Ron Klain

Obama chooses Ebola czar

Amid Ebola fears, Obama taps a czar to handle the country's response to the deadly virus.


Obama: 'My credit card was rejected'

President Obama is just like us. His credit card gets declined, too.

Erol Incedal

UK: Secret terror trial begins

An originally secret terror trial is under way and we're getting more details about the case.

Bowe Bergdahl letters

Thousands of Bergdahl letters sit forgotten

Thousands of letters of support for former Taliban prisoner Bowe Bergdahl remain unread -- at least for now.

Oregon gov fiancee Cylvia Hayes

Ore. gov.'s fiancee accused of buying pot farm

Cylvia Hayes, the fiancee of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, is accused of buying land with an ex-boyfriend that was intended for use as a pot farm in 1997. This allegation comes on the heels of Hayes admitting she once married an Ethiopian man so he could remain in the United States.

Photo Galleries

Republican Party, national convention

America's most conservative states

More Americans are identifying as conservatives, according to a new poll. Find out what states are most likely to lean Republican.

Monica Lewinsky

The women of political sex scandals

From Monica Lewinsky to Sydney Leathers, take a look at the women involved in steamy political sex scandals.

Kim Jong Un smiling 10-13

The reappearance of Kim Jong Un

North Korea tried to end speculation about the health of leader Kim Jong Un by releasing a new batch of photos. But they may have only raised more questions.

Hank Williams Jr.

13 top musicians in politics

Check out 13 top musicians who have found themselves in the political spotlight.

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize: Fast facts

As more of this year's Nobel Prize winners are revealed, find out more about the 103-year-old awards for physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, economics and peace.

Monica Lewinsky

History's steamiest political sex scandals

Politics has been marred by sex scandals throughout American history. Take a look at some of the steamiest.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Strange but true campaign slogans

From the wacky to the downright weird, check out these strange but true campaign slogans.

War, Soldiers, Afghanistan

Timeline of the war in Afghanistan

A new security agreement keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan past this year marks yet another chapter in the longest conflict in U.S. history.


National Political Coverage

Obama, 5-15-2013

Barack Obama votes Monday in Illinois

President Barack Obama is home to cast his ballot Monday, the day early voting begins in Illinois, and he isn't afraid to reveal whom he's casting his ballot for.

At an event Sunday night for Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois, a fired up Obama let loose at C...

Eric Holder announces Ferguson investigation

Eric Holder's legacy: From Guantanamo to Ferguson

Attorney General Eric Holder strode in to a raucously triumphant welcome at Justice Department headquarters on cold, sunny February morning in 2009, less than a month after the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Ebola health care workers China

WHO to review Ebola response amid criticism

The World Health Organization vowed Saturday to make public a full review of its response to the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa once the crisis is under control.

But the United Nations health agency, which is among those leading the battle again...

Supreme Court 3

Supreme Court allows Texas voter ID law

Texas election officials can go ahead and enforce a controversial voter identification law opposed by the Obama administration and civil rights groups, the U.S. Supreme Court said early Saturday.

The decision comes just two days before early voting be...

Ron Klain

GOP slams Klain pick as Ebola czar

Republicans who pressed President Barack Obama for a more coordinated federal response to the Ebola outbreak are blasting the appointment of Ron Klain, a veteran Democratic political aide, as the "Ebola czar."

Rick Weiland

Weiland surprises in South Dakota's senate race

Rick Weiland says when he was walking down the street making the music video for the song he wrote, a woman stopped him and thought he was country crooner Merle Haggard.

You can't blame her for being confused. It's not every day a candidate for Senate...

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