Columnist visits Bristol, speaks at library

BRISTOL, Va. - A nationally-known columnist made several stops across Bristol Monday. Leonard Pitts, Jr. has been a columnist for the Miami Herald since 1991.

When it comes to the election, Pitts says he believes Republicans did not listen to the desires of the American people and it played out last week. Pitts says the GOP needs to refocus its message to voters.

He also says both parties need to do more to address the country today. "I think we need to get past this lamentation that this is not your father's America, and start to deal with what this America is," Pitts told us Monday. "We need to find ways, the Republican and Democratic parties alike, to bring people in, energize them on issues that have an impact on their lives."

Leonard Pitts spoke at the Bristol Public Library. His speech focused on what he sees as a failure of some religious groups to respond to crisis in this country.

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