Abingdon prepares for Romney campaign stop

ABINGDON, Va. - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be stopping in Southwest Virginia Friday morning.

Friday morning presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be making a stop for a campaign rally.

The employees at Carter Machinery say they're getting ready for their big guest of honor. "Yeah, we're excited. Yes ma'am, we need a change," says store manager Bill Sanders.

Coal, a topic discussed during Wednesday's presidential debate, will likely be discussed at Friday's rally.

It's already on the minds of many in Southwest Virginia. "To have a presidential candidate come to town here in Abingdon is very exciting, and shows how interested he is in the coal business here. That's an important issue this year," says Romney supporter Carolyn Haynes.

Carter Machinery says they are excited to be hosting the rally. Sanders adds that his company works closely with the coal industry, so they're excited to hear about Romney's plans for coal. "The current administration we've got appears to be against the coal and that's our business. We're in the coal business," adds Sanders.

We stopped by the Romney campaign office in Abingdon and learned people are lining up to get tickets to attend the rally. "We want as many people as we can and as long as people come we'll have tickets," says Chesley Edmunds with the Romney campaign.

Romney's campaign staffers say they're excited to be in southwest Virginia and they're hoping for a big crowd Friday morning, "Especially coming off the debates last night we have so much enthusiasm and we really think this is going to be an awesome rally and we're so excited," adds Edmunds.

The rally is taking place at Carter Machinery on Spring Creek Road Abingdon, Virginia. Gates open at 9 am. The program starts at 11 am.

Tickets are free and you can get them until 9 p.m. Thursday at the Abingdon Victory Office off Exit 14 on West Main Street.

Tickets will also be available at the gate Friday morning. You can also print tickets from home at http://www.mittromney.com/events/event-mitt-romney-abingdon.

We also reached out to President Obama's campaign to find out if they're coming to the region anytime soon. We learned there is a new campaign office open in Bristol, Virignia, but we're told there are no specific plans for the Obama campaign to come to the region at this time.

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