Police warn people to lock up their guns

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Police are reminding folks to be extra careful if you have a gun in your house around children.

This warning comes after police tell us a 13-year-old in Carter County was accidentally shot in the neck over the weekend. Click here to read more.

Mike Still with the Bristol, Tennessee Police Department encourages everyone to educate all members of the household, including children.

He says to discuss what a gun is and tell your children to not get around it or play with it.   

Still also encourages parents to put any guns out of reach of children. "They just need to make sure that the children and everybody in the house is educated about where it is and what's going on with it. If their children get involved they need to keep them where they can't get to them," he said.

Still says the Bristol, Tennessee Police Department received a grant to help supply people with a gun lock if you don't have one and can't afford one. You can contact the department at (423) 989-5600.

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