Police: Suspects shot BBs at people as 'a prank'

Police: BBs shot at people as 'a prank'

BRISTOL, Va. - Terror by toy guns is over in Bristol, Virginia.

Police have arrested two suspects they say were shooting people with BBs from airsoft guns. Both now face felony charges.

News 5 talked to police about what started the shooting spree and what those in the line of fire have to say about the latest developments.

It's been a week of constant concern for Kathy Vance. "[I've had] a lot less sleep, a lot [more] worry," Vance described.

Her 12-year-old son Teddy was shot twice in a drive-by BB shooting spree. Police said he was one of many victims across Bristol, Virginia.

We're told some even suffered minor injuries. "[Victims that were in a] car at Exit 7, it cut them and broke the skin. They were bleeding. Another man on McKinley Avenue, he was cut because of this," said Sgt. Steven Crawford with the Bristol, Virginia Police Department, referencing two of the shooting incidents.

Police have been on the lookout ever since the first reports were made.

On Wednesday they arrested 18-year-old Joshua Dillon Clark of Bristol, Virginia and a 17-year-old male.

Investigators told us it may have been teenage recklessness that landed them in serious trouble. "To me, it's maybe a juvenile thing. [They] thought it was a prank the way I understood it, but I don't know if they realized the harm that it could done," said Sgt. Crawford.

Both suspects are charged with two counts of felony unlawful wounding and five counts of misdemeanor assault and battery.

We learned right now there are six reports representing seven victims in this case, but police said there are more reports outstanding; more charges could possibly be pending.

Like the crime, the consequences are serious, too. "For the adult, he could go to jail, he could go to the penitentiary for these felonies. But the juvenile, he could be confined," explained Sgt. Crawford.

It may surprise you to learn Vance has mixed feelings about the arrests. On one hand, she can rest easy now, knowing her kids are safe. "It makes you feel a lot better knowing that it's not somebody that's really on a rampage to hurt [others]," said Vance.

On the other hand, Vance told us she knows the 17-year-old suspect and his family. "I wish both of them the best. It could have been a lot different if they just decided to just go shoot a target," said Vance.

Police told us the suspects admitted to the airsoft shootings, and told police they were sorry for any trouble they caused.

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