UPDATE: Smyth County Sheriff David Bradley says the 8-year-old boy who fell through the rails has been found alive.

Robin Chapman, from Norfolk Southern Railway, says the boy walked to his grandfather's house.

The boy was taken to Johnston Memorial Hospital for observation, but is in good shape.


ORIGINAL STORY: News 5 is following an accident involving a train off Exit 35 in Chilhowie, Virginia.

The accident happened near Pine Street and involved a Norfolk Southern train.

Robin Chapman, from Norfolk Southern Railway, confirms two people are dead and one is missing after a train accident in Chilhowie.

Chapman says the three people were fishing on a railroad bridge.

The train pumped its emergency brakes and sounded its horn. A 52-year-old man and 7-year-old girl tried to move, but there was not enough clearance and they were hit by the train.