Police call Bristol car burglaries unusual

Three cars were burglarized in Bristol this week but police told us it was done in a way they've never seen before.  They said the theft occurred at the YMCA Wellness Center on West State Street.

We spoke to two of the victims on Friday. One woman had her purse stolen from her car, while the other was robbed of more than a $100 in cash that had been raised for the PTA.

These women were both driving cars made by General Motors. We're told the third vehicle burglarized was also made by GM.

Bristol, Tennessee police told us the burglars reached up the left, front wheel well and clipped wires, cutting off the alarm and electronics. This completely disables the car and leaves the victim stranded.

All of this occurred in about an hour around 10 a.m. on Monday, according to police.

We went to Bill Gatton Chevrolet to find out how easy it is to do this. They told us the burglars clearly knew what they're doing.

"I don't think it's that accessible," said Chris Lee, with Bill Gatton. "I think they really know where to get to. They're going to have to get underneath the vehicle to get to it."

Lee told me they've had about three to five cars come in with these wires clipped over the last week. All were sports utility vehicles such as Tahoes, Escalades or Suburbans.

Lee said it's damage they haven't seen until recently.

"It's the first time I think I've ever heard of it in my life, that it's happened, and it's just been in the last two weeks," said Lee.

It's so uncommon, neither they nor Crabtree Buick GMC carry this part regularly. Both dealers told us they just started ordering it when they began to see cases like this.

We asked Lee how much it costs to fix the damage and he said at least $300.

Crabtree Buick told us even though they've seen it in General Motors cars, this could happen to any vehicle.

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