Pigeon Problem Finally Under Control?

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - Washington County, Tennessee leaders have found a solution to a longtime problem at the historic courthouse in downtown Jonesborough.

We checked back on a story we told you about in November and the county is now eliminating the pigeons roosting on top of the building. County officials had become concerned over the number of pigeons perched on the roof.

Maintenance workers were spending several hours a day cleaning up the mess they were making on the sidewalk.

Washington County is working with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to eliminate the pigeons.

County mayor Dan Eldridge explains: "They started a program, working off the roof of the old jail and off the office building, to bait the birds," he said. "This is a toxicant that the birds eat and over six to eight weeks they go to sleep."

Department of Agriculture officials are coordinating the collection of dead birds and making sure the program does not impact migrating birds.

The program is costing the county about $2,000, which is the lowest of several proposals they received from several different sources.

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